The 18th Gateshead was founded in 1939 by Bill Atkinson at Denewell Avenue United Reform Church Low Fell, where the company still resides today. 2016 represents 77 years of presence in Low Fell for the 18th Gateshead, with many generations entering our ranks from Anchors right through to Seniors Section.

The current Captain is James Clark.

The 18th Gateshead is currently running all four sections, with over 50 lads, four officers, four officers in training and numerous helpers.

We are currently recruiting four our Anchors & Juniors Speak to James to register your child.

Over the last few years there have been many entertaining and fundraising events undertaken by the company. The Big Bash (variety show) to celebrate the Companys sixtieth year was a great success, as have been the many discos, quizzes, car washes and social events.

Planning for Annual Camp 2016 is under way, so watch this space for more. Also, make sure you are signed up for My.BB to keep up to date with what your kids are getting involved in and the opportunities available for them.


Our Company currently has the following sections:
Anchor Boys
(School years 1-3)
Friday6:00-7.00pmClick here for more information on the Anchor Boys.
Junior Section
(School years 4-6)
Friday6:30-8.00pmClick here for more information on the Junior Section.
Company Section
(School years 7-10)
Friday7.30-9.00pmClick here for more information on the Company Section.
(School years 11+)
Friday7.30-9.00pmClick here for more information on the Seniors.
 Night Walk - 08
 Team Alpha.

Events happening this week at our Company

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