3rd Gateshead Boys Brigade

The 3rd Gateshead was founded on the 9th February 1958, at Wrekenton Methodist Church, by Alan Young and Tom Walker. The company has just celebrated its 50th anniversary.

The 3rd Gateshead has a great history of sporting achievements, including athletics, football, hiking and swimming to name a few, not only at battalion level but district and national levels too.

We also have a robust Duke of Edinburgh Award programme with may lads attaining their Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.

We have just celebrated our companys 50th anniversary in 2008 with a program of sports, church services along with our company nights.


Our Company currently has the following sections:
Anchor Boys
(School years 1-3)
Friday6.00-7.30pmClick here for more information on the Anchor Boys.
Junior Section
(School years 4-6)
Friday6.00-7.30pmClick here for more information on the Junior Section.
Company Section
(School years 7-10)
Monday7.00-9.00pmClick here for more information on the Company Section.
 Junior section hike
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Events happening this week at our Company

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