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18th Gateshead
TypeFund Raising 
Date(s)19/04/2013 - 20/04/2013 
Time6pm Friday -6pm Saturday 
Location Denewell Ave URC  
CostRasie Money! 
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 An attempt to have games played continuously for 24 hours, to raise money for the Company.

Combines a sleepover for those that must. (Not Anchors)

Friday Night 6pm-9pm (All members)
9pm-10am (Juniors, Company, Seniors)
10-6pm (All members)

Tell us which board/card/table games you would like to play!

Thanks to all who supported us (and those who were volunteered to help). To date we have raised almost £300!
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Boardgameathon - Sponsorship Form. Boardgameathon - Sponsorship Form. Boardgameathon Church Poster. Boardgameathon Church Poster.
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  Boardgameathon 2013 - Table football.   Boardgameathon 2013 - Forbidden Island.   Boardgameathon 2013 - Monopoly.   Boardgameathon 2013 - Risk.   Boardgameathon 2013 - 4 way Quoridor.   Boardgameathon 2013 - Screwball Scramble.   Boardgameathon 2013 - Lunch!   Boardgameathon 2013 - Connect 4.
  Boardgameathon 2013 - Chess.   Boardgameathon 2013 - Tallisman.   Boardgameathon 2013 - HeroQuest.

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