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EventBible Giveaway - Website Competition 8 
Date(s)01/01/2010 - 30/04/2010 
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 Bible Giveaway - For the first 4 months of the year the Webteam are hoping to giveaway 5 Presentation Boys Brigade Bibles.

January 2010 - 2 Bibles.
February 2010 - 1 Bible.
March 2010 - 1 Bible & (2 Large Easter & 3 Standard Eggs) - runners up prizes.
April 2010 - 1 Bible & 1 (Medium) Tyneside Battalion webteam T-Shirt (very rare!).

To Win simply leave a comment on the website between 1st January 2010 and 30th April 2010. Remember you can comment in the guestbook on an event or on a picture. Dont forget to add your company or we wont know who you are!

You can leave as many comments as you like but will only be entered once per month into the draw.

No silly comments please as only approved comments will be elligible.

January February March April
1st Hexham 113-
1st Ponteland 2-3-
1st Morpeth 2---
7th Newcastle ----
3rd Gateshead 214-
8th Gateshead 113-
18th Gateshead 557-
Unknown --1-
Winner(s) Bible (Ben Kendall)
Bible (Nicholas Atkinson)
Bible (Danny Brady) Bible (Jack Fieldhouse)
Large Egg (Sam Myers)
Large Egg (Paul Fieldhouse)
Egg (Thomas Tote)
Egg (Danny Brady)
Egg (Karl dixon)
Bible (Sean Wilson)
T-Shirt (Joshua Stoddart)
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  Extra Prize for May - Webteam T-Shirt.   Extra Prize for May - Webteam T-Shirt - logo.   3 Chocolate Eggs - Prizes for March/April.   Easter Egg prizes added.   2 Large Chocolate Eggs - Prizes for March.   BB Presentation Bible.

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Date Name Comments
30/04/2010 JOSHUA STODDART Boys Brigade is the best because you get to do activities you never normally do
30/04/2010 Ross Cairns I like the boys brigade because it is fun and the people who work there are very kind. I make lots of new friends.
08/04/2010 patrick carey next month is my birthday and its just the day after the last day at boys brigade for the holidays.
30/03/2010 Harry Fieldhouse Ponteland Boys Brigade is the best in the world. I love it
30/03/2010 Jack Fieldhouse Boys Brigade RULES!
29/03/2010 Paul Website easy to navigate and very responsive when clicking through. Must add a few photos of Ponteland BB.
28/03/2010 Sam Myers I love boys brigade. every Friday we have a games part and a craft part. I learn something every week! As I say, its just great.
28/03/2010 Sam Myers Pensanaly, I love creme eggs, I just wish the big easter eggs were big versions!
23/03/2010 patrick carey Boys brigade is fun and i meet lots of friends.The competitions are fun and BOYS BRIGADES THE BEST.
13/03/2010 lucas turnbull I enjoy bevaoys brigade because I have a great time and I like the officers. [thank you Jackie Jonson]
13/03/2010 Jack miller I enjoy Boys birgade beacuse i made loads of new friends and i learnt some new games.I like boys birgade at the end because you get tuck shop.I like doing the Baking and making things for mum and dad because it is really fun.The best thing about boys birgade is i have loads of fun.
09/03/2010 jonathan ellison i am haveing loads of fun here at bb and i love it so muck i have made load of new friends i will miss everyone when i leave and go to the monbdat groupe i love all the gaes there and that the leaders are mint unlike the scoutes 0one the just shout at you all the time (haha) i was nevioues about joing but my friend nathan went so i went and the day i first wend to bb i was playing with georige white so he joined to so that means 2 of my best friend go now (yay) i no i have alreaddy made a comment but i wa
09/03/2010 diane gaffing hi i am jonathan ellison grandmother and he had showen me this site so i would like to leave a comment if thats ok but i dont want to be entered into the compition. i hope my grandson is haveing a great time at the bb.
08/03/2010 jonathan elliosn i love bb it is so much better than my old scoutes.I have met loads of people there and some of my friends from school are there as well i will miss all the younger ones when i move onto the monday grope.i love playing game the all the laders and we have been learning how to do figure marching for pearnts evening i thinks its going great.I really do hope i can become a leader one day just like them!! i have benn for atlest 6 week and i now alreaddy ow every one so well i hope that i will this compitison a
06/03/2010 Daniel Wales I like Boys Brigade because I like playing the games on a Friday night. I especially like dungeons and football. Learning to figure march is quite hard.
06/03/2010 JonathanBullerwell I was nervous but now I enjoy it so mutch
06/03/2010 sean wilson i have been going to bb for a year now and i enjoy doing all the cool games we play and the things we make thankyou to all my leaders fo making bb so much fun
06/03/2010 Julian Jones I love Boys Brigade because its fun and I really loved playing Hockey yesterday
05/03/2010 Thomas Tote I wasnt sure about joining bb but glad i did because i saw my 2 friends there, i like it because we make things and play games, the leaders are fun and nice, my mam said it is making me more confident!!
02/03/2010 karl dixon doing d of e with bb its mint lol p.s why do i never win a competition
27/02/2010 Jack Anderson-Harrison Boys Brigade lets me be with my friends and do lots of exciting things
20/02/2010 Liam Chaney I like Boys Brigade, I like being leading boy and doing lots of fun things.
20/02/2010 Lewis Chaney I love coming to Boys Brigade, I have made some great friends and am really looking forward to Easter camp...!!
20/02/2010 Rebecca Atkinson I like boys brigade because it is fun.
18/02/2010 karl dixon the activite day at broomley grange was mint we should have another and more paint ball
09/02/2010 Nicholas Atkinson looking forward to eastercamp
28/01/2010 Kevin Purdy I find the website a wonderful way if contact not only with the battalion but with the BB overall and the people outside of BB too. It has been very good to BB in Morpeth as we have 5 new boys wich have found us on the website. It gives me great Plaesure to see boys work, play and grow up together within the BB which gives them a great foundation in life.
27/01/2010 Michael Errington I have had 8 great years in the 1st morpeth Boys Brigade and have been on some exellent trips. really enjoyed the woodwork with my captain kevin!
22/01/2010 jackei helooooooooo
22/01/2010 Ben Kendall I like boys brigade because I can make good fiends and its fun and safe.
18/01/2010 joshua hodson helloooooooooooo
04/01/2010 Maureen Hodson I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the web team and the whole batallion for the wonderful support given to Tony on his Climb Aconcagua 2010 challenge. He goes to Argentina this Friday and appreciates your prayers and kind wishes. Im sure he will be keen to share his experiences with you all on his return!