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18th Gateshead
EventEaster Camp 2010 
Date(s)02/04/2010 - 05/04/2010 
Location Broomley Grange  
Web Pagehttp://www.broomleygrange.co.uk/ 
Linked Events Family Funday
 ********* NOTE REVISED DATES AND PRICES ************ We are back at Broomley for a second Easter.

A family fun day followed by a worship lunch on Easter day proved so popular we are doing it again !

The Easter Camp kicks off on the Thursday Evening of April 1st ( this is no fool!)
We are staying inside the Grange and have a full list of activities and challenges planned.
This years camp will have a theme and all those attending will be asked to bring along costumes and props to support this.

Rail Travel for Mystery activity provided free by Northern Rail

The Family Funday will be on Easter Sunday starting at 9am with a morning worship and then a action packed day of adventure to get your heart pumping.

The cost for the funday to include a Roast lunch will be £20 per person.

Please contact Nick Bucknall for further info and look out for the letters coming home in the next few weeks.

Looking forward to a BELTA !!!

£20 deposit by Friday 26th Feb.
Family Funday on Easter Sunday for all the family to join in the activities and have a roast lunch for £20pp.

Thanks to Boots (Low Fell) for the donation of a First-Aid Kit. Very usefull for any Camp.

IceCream on Friday from Wheelbirks new parlour.

Camp Competition winners:

Isolation: Jamie Moralee
Draughts: Matthew Moralee
Day sack: Reece Dale
Quiz: Reece Dale

Camp Cup: TBA.
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Juniors Easter Camp 2010 Plan. Juniors Easter Camp 2010 Plan.
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  Free rail travel for mystery event @ Camp.   Camp - Day 1 - Isolation cup.   Thanks to Boots (Low Fell) for our First-Aid Kit!   Camp - Day 1 - Basher building.   Camp - Day 1 - Camp fire building.   Camp - Day 1 - Basher Complete.   Camp - Day 1 - Sweet Horde.   Camp - Day 1 - Teamwork!
  Camp - Day 2 - 5 A Side.   Camp - Day 2 - Waiting at the station.   Camp - Day 3 - Hunting for the beast.   Camp - Day 4 - draughts final.   Camp - Day 4 - Isolation Final.

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